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Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom — A must see social studies link…very nice!

Geography World — This site has many great geography links…travel the world with this site.

Hargrett Library Rare Map Collection - Great site for rare and historic maps. Very nice collection! Site contents list is on the left side of the page.

National Geographic Homework Help -- It's National Geographic, enough said!

Geographic Index to Flags of the World -- Pretty comprehensive site flags and information. -- Great site for country and regional information.

Geography and Map Reading Room (Library of Congress) -- Home site for the Library of Congress Geography & Map Division

Fodor's Travel Guides - Online Trip Planning Guide. A great source for current information.

Maps Links by Killeen Harker Heights Connections

Review of Geography - From the Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center. The goal of this nonprofit site is to help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies

National Geographic for Kids


American History

Simply Put - A series of brief looks into the people, places and events which made American history. This is a must "Go To". Researched, produced, and presented by the 8th grade CORE classes of Mr. Lebsock,
Edison Computech 7-8, Fresno, CA

Amusements in Colonial New England -- Site containing information and a link to the kind of games children played during colonial times.

Colonial Currency -- This site features descriptions and images of paper currencies of early America through the 1790's.

Colonial Kids -- A student created site about life for kids in Colonial American. This site provided by ThinkQuest USA.

Colonial Williamsburg -- Information on Colonial Williamsburg as presented by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Great site! Even has a webcam!

US History Topics -- The site has great American History Timelines and information. This site is presented by the History Place™

Plimoth Plantation Inteactive Learning Site -- An interactive learning site presented by the Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth MA.

American Indian Tribal List - A great site with a lot of links to a lot of Native American tribes.

Inside the Real West Wing - a Washington Post article that shows the layout of the west wing of the White House

The White House Museum - a good site for information on the White House. Has layouts and 3-D models

The Nation Splits: a Step Closer to the Civil War! - a site that presents information on how the Civil War affected the government and people all over the United States.

AMERICA in the 1770s, 1850s, and 1920s - a great site that has links to information (an pictures) about daily life in three different time periods in American History. Great site for students doing research.

Desperado - This site has information and links about the American West. Some of the topics: Outlaws & Legends, Old Time Recipes, Western American Life & Native Americans and Country & Western Jukebox with music, plus much more

The Overland Trail - Sites with a good many links about the old west and the western trails.

Women of the West - Site with a lot of links to about women in the west. Biographies, topics, histories

Thematic Review of U.S. History & Government - From the Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center. The goal of this nonprofit site is to help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies

American Indians - WWW Virtual Library - Index of Native American History Resources on the Internet

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Kids' Page

Evolution of the Conservation Movement in the United States, 1850 - 1920 - detailed information and timeline

Conservation Lesson Plan - Conservation at a Crossroad - from the Library of Congress

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920 - an article on the history of the Conservation Movement by the Public History Resource Center

Conservation Movement - from: The Oxford Companion to United States History, 2001, Author: Paul S. Boyer


Texas and Louisiana History

Handbook of Texas Online - Texas State Historical Association, encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture

Texas Beyond History - The Virtual Museum of Texas' Cultural Heritage - A great site for students and teachers! Presented by the University of Texas at Austin College of Liberal Arts

Frontier Forts - U.S. Military on the Texas Frontier - Presented by the University of Texas at Austin this is a part of their Texas Beyond History site

Louisiana Purchase -- Information and map on the Louisiana Purchase

History of New Orleans and Surrounding Area

Texas History Links by Killeen Harker Heights Connections

San Jacinto Battle Map - One map of the Battle of San Jacinto

Battlefield map of San Jacinto, Texas - April 26, 1836

Mexican and Texan Military Forces Movement Map -- April 1836

Texas Revolution of 1836 - Adirectory of physical and internet sources of information on the San Jacinto Campaign of the Texas Revolution of 1836.

Flags of the Texas Revolution

Historical Map of the Alamo - With an overlay of the current downtown San Antonio

San Jacinto Museum of History

Texas Revolution Maps - Good map site

Mexican Battle Flags at San Jacinto - Four flags captured in the Battle at San Jacinto

New Orleans and the Texas Revolution - this is a link to a Google site that has the whole book online

Republic of Texas - A one page site that has embedded links with information on the early history of Texas

'The Alamo and the Texas War for Independence' by Albert A. Nofi - This is a link to a Google site that has the book for preview

Lone Star Junction: A Texas and Texas History Resource - "a Texas history resource provided for the benefit of both Texans and "foreigners" alike" - this site has some excellent Texas informational links

Perry-Castañeda Library: Map Collection - Historical Maps of Texas....A lot! Check this one out.

Texas History Timeline - A good long timeline with a lot of events

Texas Almanac 2008-2009 - "Online companion to the print edition. Chronicles Texas history, government, business, and includes a searchable database of Texas towns."

History of the Lone Star State - BIG Link site with plenty of categories. A must see if you are doing research on Texas

History Museums in Texas - Links to Texas History Museums

TIDES - Teaching Images Digital Experiences - A great resources for students, teachers and researchers. Databases and lesson plans for Texas history presented by the Stephen F. Austin University

Texas One and All - Great site on the different cultures of Texas. Their history and contributions to the Lonestar state. A must "check it out"

Texas Architecture: A Visual History - presented by the Univeristy of Texas Libraries

Ghost Towns of Texas -- Oooooo Boo! (ghost sounds) - This site has information on ghost towns in the state of Texas

The Traveling History Trunk: - Trail Drives and the Texas Ranching Frontier from the Sowthwest Collection at Texas Tech University

Texas Indians - A comprehensive site for kids and teachers on Texas Indians

Santana -One of the leading Kiowa chiefs in the 1860s and '70s, Santana was a fearsome warrior, but also a skilled orator and diplomat.

Hector P. Garcia: A Texas Legend

Jame Farmer Memorial Page


Gone to Texas - Lesson plan on the colonization of Texas

Letters to Home - Lesson plan about the everyday life in Texas in 1836-1837 from a first-hand account

Spreading the Word - The accomplishments of Gail Borden and why he was important to Texas and how the innovation of the printing press benefited individuals and society in Texas during the Republic period.

Quest for Freedom - Why most Texians wanted to be free from the rule of Mexico and understand major events that fueled the Revolution.

"Hard Luck" La Salle - How La Salle impacted the settlement of Texas and the establishment of Catholic missions in Texas and student will write a letter from the perspective of an explorer.

Center for Texas Studies - Educational Resourcesfor 7th Grade Texas History presented by Texas Christian Uuniversity

7th Grade - Texas History Curriculum Corner - Resources presented by Georgetown ISD


World History

Ancient Civilizations - Information from the British Museum

Crytalinks: Ancient and Lost Civilizations - Lots of links!

Ancient Civilizations for Kids - Tons of Links to the most popular civilizations

Ancient Civilizations by Killeen Harker Heights Connections - More links

Folk Legends of Japan - Cool site of Japanese folklore with music and pictures

Kids Web Japan - Great site for information on Japan

Egypt: Nubia in Modern and Ancient times - Information on the Ancient Nubian civilization

Ancient Nubia - Another good site on the Nubian civilization

Review of Global History - From the Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center. The goal of this nonprofit site is to help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies

Interactive Maps of World War II - Including a hypertext chronology of the war. Nice site that integrates the maps with a timeline.

WWII Timelines, Maps, Statistics, Trivia, and Glossary


Current Events - News

Time for Kids | News | Latest stories - Providing children with a safe, kid-friendly Internet site.

KidsPost - From the Washington Post - A Kids site from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

News Bites - National Geograpghic Kids

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Kids' Page


Please feel free to e-mail to me your ideas for each of the sections or suggestions for links.

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